This is why you are not able to get rid of social media addiction

Social Media Addiction

First of all, know that you are not alone in this journey. There are millions of people suffering from this problem. Most of them are suffering because of some of the common reasons which I’m going to tell you ahead in this article.

Before I go ahead, let me tell you what makes me the right person to answer this question. I was introduced to social media nearly 12 years ago by a friend. Since then, I’ve been a constant consumer of online content. I used to like traveling, meeting friends, watching movies in theaters, and doing all the social stuff in real life. As the use of social media increased, I started to become distant from all the real stuff in my life especially when I went to a different city for college.

It was easier to talk to a friend online than going to meet them in person. That habit continued for long made me an introvert. Now, not going to meet my friends wasn’t my choice but it had become my nature. That became the major reason for several negative things going on in my life.

Good thing was that I was aware that I was becoming a different person than I actually am and I took action on that. Now I’m at never been better kinda stage in my life.

Let me share with you some reasons why we get addicted to social media and why it is so hard to get rid of that addiction.

Constantly looking for Entertainment

At least, it starts here. Call it connecting with the world or friends or killing some extra time; it is eventually entertainment that you look for on any social media platform.

We all need entertainment from time to time. It helps us relax and regain the calm and energy we need for other things in our life. But, it becomes a problem when there’s too much entertainment.

Excess of anything is bad

Solution: There’s no such thing as enough entertainment. No matter how much you party or watch movies, it is never going to be enough for you. If you do these in excess, it’ll make you frustrated and depressed sometimes. So, limit your doses of entertainment.

The feeling of emptiness in life

When we don’t feel fulfilled in our lives we try to fill it with whatever is available out there and social media contents are the easiest and most easily accessible. We all know that scrolling through videos and images isn’t going to solve our problems yet we try to fill our voids with them.

Solution: Try to find out why you feel empty. Is it a relationship, school, work, or anything else? Once you figure that out, think about what you can do about it and act on that.

Lack of purpose in Life

Most people across the world don’t have a goal or purpose in their lives. That eventually leaves them with a lot of free time to kill. Although you could use that free time to make yourself better but Hey! you don’t have a purpose in life. Why would you want to make yourself better!

Solution: We are born free except for when your mother asks you to buy groceries from the local store :D

No matter what situation we are in, we can choose what we want to do with our life. Not everyone’s dream has to be to become a millionaire. Yours can be different. Something that you believe you should be. Find what it is.

Not trying to make yourself better

Let’s just say you have a goal in your life. It may be to become a millionaire, marry a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, or whatever it is you have set for yourself but, you don’t feel you’re getting any closer to achieving your goal. You lack actions that will take you closer to your goal.

Solution: Irrespective of our parents' financial status we all have to work to make our lives better. We are all born ignorant with no considerable skills. Successful are those who continuously work on making themselves better. Find out where you lack in your life and learn how you can do better in that area.

Not having a hobby

Most of us have some hobbies. It can be traveling, singing, dancing, any sport, etc. Even when we are not very serious about our life goals, we get serious about our hobbies. Not having one can be one of the reasons here.

Solution: Find out what you really like to do in your free time other than scrolling through social media.

Not having real and right friends or a supportive family

A wise man once said — “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” That is so true. If you spend so much time on social media, that probably means either you don’t have any friends or you don’t have friends who like to meet and talk in person. Trust me, both are not good for you.

Even though all parents love their children but sometimes it’s can be that for some reason they are not able to spend much time with you and now you feel so distant from them.

Solution: Making new friends can be difficult for some people but start small. Try to talk to the closest person you feel you’ll be comfortable with. If you have friends and you feel they are not right for you, try making the right ones.

Also, if you feel you are unable to spend much time with the family, talk to them and discuss this. You’ll for sure find a way.

Lacking motivation

We all at some point in our lives need that small push to go ahead in life. That is very common. Despite our best efforts, things do not work sometimes and we lose motivation.

Solution: Let your actions inspire you. Even if you are able to do 1% of the whole thing, you’ll feel motivated. Seeking motivation outside doesn’t work always. So, let yourself be your motivation.

Too afraid of being uncomfortable

When you get too comfortable at a place, you feel lazy or afraid of doing things that will make you uncomfortable even when you know that it’s important.

Solution: Just take that dive. There are higher chances that you’ll not drown.


According to research, social media can depress you. It is also true that when you are depressed you’ll use more of such apps in hope that they’ll make you happy.

Solution: Find help. Go out, Travel. Speak to your close ones about it.


Having been an introvert, I can say that introversion can cause some serious social media addiction. Introvert does not feel comfortable meeting and talking to another person openly, that is why they spend more time online in search of that human connection.

Solution: Often, introverts feel comfortable talking to certain people they are open with. Spend time with them. Know that no one is judging you. You can talk to anyone and connect with anyone. It may take some time but try. There’s nothing to lose there.


The way Metaverse, Virtual Reality, etc is growing, it is very much possible that we’ll lose our human elements and get lost forever in that virtual world. To keep that from happening, enjoy the real world as much as possible.

Be Happy! :D

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Photo by Jacqueline Munguía on Unsplash



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